Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Completely Random!!

Evening fellow bloggers, nothing crafty to share with you at the moment, it's too hot. Even after that storm we had earlier, the temps are still too high, it's so humid.
Speaking of that storm, I snapped the photo below just before it reached us, can you tell we've had our wettest Spring ever!! Literally! There's no sign of the drought here at the moment!! So here's the reason my poor Tilda's looked so dark and gloomy in my LAST POST. Gosh - our lawn is really green!
Whilst I'm sharing pics I wanted to show you just what Australia's most annoying insect is capable of doing... these are my 4yo DD legs after she ventured into our family orchard to pick some cherries. The back of them was actually worse but the camera battery died after I'd snapped this one. Worse thing is she's a scratcher... doesn't stop til they're bleeding...

And thus the reason we have a brand spankin' new bug zapper... lookie at what it gets EVERY NIGHT!! The magpies love the smorgasboard each morning - and let me tell you, this pile may look HUGE, and it is.. but there's a ga-zillion, billion, bazilliona MORE!! I hate MOSQUITOS! Do you have them where you live? If not... make up the spare bed cause I'm coming to visit!! hehe

Hope you're all having a great evening ♥


Cheryl said...

Oh WOW look at that storm,we have had nothing but rain as well.....I have had to use the dryer to get the washing done.OMG I so hate mosquitos too and the darn fly,so another reason for me to hate summer!!! I hope your DD doesn't scratch too much!!

Kylie said...

Eewwwwww - oh your poor DD!!! I HATE mozzies and hate is such a strong word, lol. I'm one of those allergic to mozzies so YUCK YUCK - I totally feel for your daughter. Try ice packs on her legs if she'll let you. its the only thing i find that works! Dont you wish we could schedule the rain? From midnight to about 5am every second day should do... yeah?
Hugs xx

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Wow, that is quite a pile of dead mosquitoes! And your poor daughter's legs!

We get them pretty bad here too. My daughter and I are both allergic. Last summer we tried applying an anti-histamine cream directly on them and taking an oral allergy medicine. I think it helped some, but nothing seems to clear them up fast completely!

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Ooh don't like the look of those bugs at all. You chould come her as it is freezing. A lot of the UK has really bad snow. Just catching up on your cards and there are some beuatiful designs there. Love the CC one and although I'm not a Tilda fan those 3 cards are really cute, such a change from lots of embellies. Love your new pic and the snowy blog background. (Thanks for your kind comment on my website.) Marianne x

Autumn said...

OMGosh, that's insane!! We've got them here, but I don't think they're that bad and they're worse here then they've been anywhere else I've lived in the states! Thank God for the bug zapper!!

Alicia said...

Hi Loz,
Your lawn is looking lush and green! (Your house looks gorgeous as well!). We will have to invest in one of those bug zappers! What a great idea! And oh my - what a lot of dead bugs!!
Alicia xx