Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Quick and Simple Snowman Project for the kids...

Good afternoon bloggers...
are your kids driving you crazy yet? School's been out for a week, and already they're super bored? My 4½ DD is already missing the two days of pre-school she's now finished. Today, we made a little Snowman Project which I thought I'd share.

Tools needed: (for two snowmen)
* Polystyrene balls (at least 4 - varying in size even better!)
* Wooden Skewers
* Felt
* Buttons, Googly Eyes, Brads etc
* Smalls sticks/twigs
* (optional) Santa Hat - red felt & wadding OR Black card for a Top Hat.

Bear in mind these are super simple and can be decorated in many, many ways....
1st, cut a small slither off the bottom of two balls to form a flat base for the snowmen. Use the wooded skewer to join the two balls together.

Next we picked the spot for the face, stuck the eyes and nose brad in place, then used a marker to draw the mouths.

The simple Santa hats were made using some red felt, cut into large circles with a cut made from the outside to the centre to make a cone shape. measure Hat on balls before gluing wadding (pom poms on the top would be ace - we were just using what was in the cupboard) to the felt and then adhere the hat in place. It may not be necessary to clue the hat down, keep it loose so it can be interchanged with something else...?

We went on a little treasure hunt under our big gum tree for the little sticks.

The scarves are simple strips of felt - I had planned on "finger knitting" some but DD has lost interest and was becoming impatient!!

We added some buttons down the front... a 'bow-tie" on one... and finished! Very quick and simple and oh so cute!!

Hope you have fun, be sure to leave me a comment should you make any of these with your kids... DD would love to see some others, take care ♥

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