Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a week!

Hey guys, no card for you today, I've had a bumper Christmas week and I think it's finally winding down, just wanted to pop in and let you all know we had a fantastic Christmas, the weather was HOT! A little too hot! We had the sprinkler going on the patio roof!! Gotta love the Australian weather!
Looks like summer is here to stay for the moment, and the Murray River is back within it's banks so the tourist/campers have arrived in droves! I actually love living in a tourist town... normal life is quiet and easy going but it's great to see all the visitors (and of course the boost to the local community!) so welcome all you holiday-makers to my little piece of Oz. FYI - We live along the NSW/VIC Murray River Border on the NSW side, the River has been really flooded (first time in a decade). Our town is quiet and small, with war history, Glider Flights, fabulous foreshore & farmer's markets, some of the best pubs around including the infamous 'Kelly's Pub Pizza!!" and some gorgeous river beaches! Camping, Fishing, Water skiing, Trail Rides, and of course the friendly natives.. no wonder people flock here!! There's my little local advert! hehe
Anyway, this is really random!
Have you checked out the Tickled Pink Stamps Blog?
Kellie is having a customer showcase and she's spotlighted my Lad Frankie Christmas tags! Check it all out, if you have some TPS stamps why not email Kellie with your details and she might just show off your work also! There's a little something from TPS up for grabs!!

I hope you all enjoy the final days of 2010... take it easy on the roads and at your NYE Celebrations!!! ♥


Debra said...

Thanks Loz for sharing the info on your town.I have seen alot on TV about the Murray River and the few problems with the drought so wonderful to hear its all flowing once again.Sound like a great town. Congrats and wonderful cards being spotlighted over at TPS,xxx

Mandy said...

Hi Loz,
I loved reading about where you live it sounds wonderful,I don't think we all really appreciate our little bit of home as I live just outside of Oxford (UK) it's described as "the city of dreaming spires with wonderful architecture and history" and it has I suppose got all of the described but unless you stop and really look you just take it all for granted,it also has lots of university students there are 38 universities in the city alone,oh no I've gone off on a ramble now..LOL..I came to see if you had a wonderful Christmas and to wish you a Happy New Year..
Mandy x

Kellie Winnell said...

WOW Loz girl you really did have a HOT Christmas. Today here is HOT, I am not an overly heat person, lol and am red to boot to show it, haha! We have actually been waiting for the river to go down so we can head up there and go camping! Hubby and his mate are going tomorrow to check it all out and then we'll go from there. But I think we'll be up there sometime these holidays!

Was a real pleasure spotlighting your gorgeous tags!

Looking forward to sharing the love of craft and cardmaking in 2o11, keep up the amazing work hun!

Hugs Kellie

Frea said...

Hi Loz, it's so funny to read you are having sprinklers on the roof while we are sitting knee deep in snow and freezing our b.... off LOL!! I just can't imagine a warm Christmas, it sounds so funny! HUgs, Frea

Alicia said...

I did see your gorgeous tags at Kellies...beautiful they are - congratulations!
Happy New Year!
Alicia xx

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

giggle.. i also must say it reads rather funny for us. We are sitting here and freezing ur little hinies off :-)
thanks for seeing me today and leaving me a comment