Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Iris' Iris Folding

Hi guys.. wow, never, ever did I image I would have so many entries into my candy.. and so many new followers! 412 at the moment, I think I had around 95 before the candy started.. so I hope you all enjoy my work and my ramblings long enough to stick around!

Today (and yesterday, and the evening before) I was busy with the following commissioned cards. I have no idea why I agreed to do these, and with only one more to go - I really cannot find the energy to do it! Argh! Next time, just say "no" Loz!!
I made a card a few years ago with this design, it was slightly different and was a Mother's Day card, now, the same friend has asked for 5 more.. and these are not something I make anymore, so I've not found it enjoyable or the finished product satisfying.... NEVER again!
Yes, I tediously cut by hand the black surround, then using it as a template, cut the other papers to size and stuck them all on.. not really Iris Folding, but there are some folds in there - I gave up in the end and left them as plain pieces.
Papers are all from my stash, behind the yellow iris is a sheet of Cosmo Cricket, the rest is unknown. I'm thinking it will be a while before you'll see the fifth card hehe. Enjoy your day ♥


EELS said...

Wow, what an effort you put in, don't think I could have persevered long enough to finish them all but good job done!

Linda said...

That cards are soooo beautiful, you did a great job
hugs Linda

Anita said...

Wow, Amazing! So beautiful. X Anita

Gea said...

Yaiks that souns like a whole lot of work.. On the other hand, your cards are spectaculary beautiful!
Hugs Gea from the Netherlands

Heather said...

That is some work you've done there! I thought I was good doing a stained glass block in fabric a few years ago, but this, in paper, is awesome. Well done, gorgeous work.

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

The cards are lovely. On first look, the pink card looks like a stained glass picture.

Merry said...

These cards are stunning and I can see a lot of time and effort has gone into them...well done and TFS.

Alicia said...

OMG! These are so different and pretty! Good luck getting the fifth one done!!! Congrats on making it to 412 followers...well now it is up to 433!! It seems candy must be the way to do it! I still need to draw my candy from the designer just reminded me. I hope your not offended that I havent entered. Candies just arent really my thing. I am too lazy to repost them! I will be sending you a card for your b'day though!
Alicia xx

Auntie Em said...

When I read your technique and how you cut them all by wonder you were frustrated! BUT they are gorgeous!!! Each one is a little work of art!
Thank-you for sharing! :o)