Friday, February 11, 2011

Zoe's Aussie Slang Game

Hey guys, seeing as I'm still not feeling very well, and I've wanted to play along with Zoe's Australia Day game.. I figure now's the time to do it. And seeing as I know the meaning of these slang words.. well... I think I know them all! But - we Aussie's do talk differently depending on where we live? Hey?
1.You little Ripper - What my husband said when our twins were both boys!
2.Well I’ll be buggered! - Just me predicting the future when the boys were born! LOL
3.Crikey - RIP Australia's Greatest Ambassador :(
4.Fair dinkum - There really was armed robbers on the loose in my town yesterday!
5.On a good wicket - Shhh! I hate cricket! And our team doesn't seem to be on one...
6.Make a proper galah of yourself - Well, my MIL has a galah, and he's a nudest! Honest - he likes to pull his feathers and go it stark naked! So I think he makes a real proper galah of himself!
7.She’ll be apples - When I'm all better....
8.Ridgie Didge - Are my answers Ridgie Didge?
9.Buggerlugs - Bugs carrying a heavy suitcase?? Haha... love my little buggerlugs!
10.Give it a burl - What I told my daughter when we lifted her training wheels on her bike
11.Bob’s yer uncle - What we told her when she rode up the street and back!
12.Go like the clappers - How she rode her bike!
13.Ningnong - What I feel like now answering these!
14.Good Onya! - What I reckon of all the other game entries
15.Rough end of the stick - what this crazy February weather has given me!

Haha, it's so funny reading through the other game entries on Zoe's blog! Play along, I need some cheering up! Have a go at them all or pick a few of your favourites.. Zoe's giving us until Feb 26th to enter



Fran said...

Hahahaha, love it! I think my exact words when I found out both my twins were boys was "Oh no" mostly because it had taken us so long to come up with the first boy name I thought the other one would be old enough to choose his own name before we agreed on a second :) Than god for baby name books!

Craftdee said...

Sorry your not feeling the best, Loz. It's been stinking hot and so humid (but still no rain!!) here in Perth, I'm so over it! Don't like to complain about no rain when so much of the East has their problems! Thanks for the heads up about the little game, I'm off to play now (instead of working, tut tut) Feel better soon, Dee

Squirrel x said...

Thanks for sharing a smile hunny - sending you get well hugs. Sxx

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

hahaha.. you have made me smile
hope you are on the way of recovery sweetie!
we will be here.

Mandy said...

Hi Loz,
Great post made me smile...hope your feeling better...
Mandy x

Zoe said...

Oh Loz - you certainly made me giggle. I love the story you created! I have a parrot too, not a galah but just as nutty! Thanks so much for playing along for a few laughs! hugs xxoo