Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Cherry Martini Phone Charms - Sneak Peek

Hey bloggers, have a sneak peek of something new coming to Blue Butterfly Stamps for you...
The Miss Cherry Martini Collection will be available in store in DIGI format only, from April 1st. There's seven images for you to chose from. Until then, enjoy the Sneaky Peeks on the Store Blog and on the DT blogs.
I've made some Mobile Phone charms using PolyShrink plastic... made very difficult due to the printer ink not drying on the plastic - but I was determined and with some simple shading - very careful not to touch the edges! - I managed these!!

"Bonnie Cowgirl" ... I made the hanger/clips from various bits and pieces in my stash..

and "Dakota In Stripes"
Here's some of the earlier images of the colouring and shrinking process... WARNING.. Photo Heavy!

Pre-baked.. you can see how I just lightly added the shading with the bits of red. The grey went a lot darker post-baking. I used some basic coloured permanent markers for this.

The size of them (on my pizza tray) before shrinking...

Shrink size on the tray.. they're soooo cute!!

And finally a closeup of the shrunken images.. they're much darker and as you can see in this photo.. (as opposed to the finished product ones above) their facial features etc are all still visible.

Image: Blue Butterfly Stamps - Miss Cherry Martini Collection (available April 1st)


Debra said...

Wow, wow, wow, Loz,what an absolutely Fabulous idea to show off the images- just perfect!!! You go girl, xxxx

theCook said...

How nice! I think I'll have to try this shrink plastic one day!
Also wanted to say I've use another of your doilies:

Debbie Pamment said...

What a FABULOUS idea Loz - they look GREAT!!!

Mandy said...

Hi Loz,
what a great idea,love the images they look fab...I like the way you've only use a bit of colour on them..They look lovely...Hope your well...
Mandy x

Jackie Thomas said...

These are sooo cool Loz. I know my daughter would love them. Hugs xo

Alicia said...

WOW!!! These look amazing! I love how you coloured them.
Alicia xx

Autumn said...

These are too coll Loz! Love how you've colored them! Great job!!