Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Post for 2012!

Hey bloggers, I am still alive and have a bit to catch up on but I want to first start with a very Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies.

Have had a quiet one at home, DH is on night shift and slept most of the day and is now back at work again - very Australian of him! Gotta make some money to buy the Vegemite... hehe... that's what we tell the kids!
Anyways, next update is about me... still baking this bubby - only 6 and a bit weeks to go. I have been having a few issues with my blood pressure, it keeps creeping up and staying up for no apparent reason. I have an appointment with an Obstetrician on Monday so hopefully we'll be able to work something out...

here's a 'selfie' of the bump, taken about a week ago. It's been really hot down here and I have to admit that it's not really bothering me all that much. When I was pregnant with my DD (also a March baby) the summer heat was a killer and I just hated it, but this time all I do is sweat :)

Now for the crafty side of things, last week one of my friends went into premature labour at 26 weeks with her twins, they are both girls, both just weighed a kilo each and are being little Aussie battlers! Unfortunately there was not enough humidi-cribs in Melbourne's major neonatal hospital so they (and then her the following day) were sent to Adelaide. It's such a ridiculous thing, she has another 4 kids here at home and Adelaide is an 8-9 hour drive. And to fly there you have to drive to Melbourne first which is a 2-3 hour drive anyway! Oh, and this is while there is a complete neonatal department sitting there unused as the government fill their own pockets and inflate their own heads!

So, here's the cards I just had to make. As a mother of twins - I want to let you all know that whilst there are some very cute twin images.... a card for EACH baby is very much appreciated! These days we all keep birth cards and bits and pieces.. it's a bit hard to split a card that is addressed to both babies!! Just an FYI for you all :)
These are both very similar to a Baptism card I made recently, I really liked the simple design and was able to keep the cards very similar....

You can see the shimmer/pearl card I used on each of them in the sparkly shots taken with the flash. I've had these various baby pink papers for years and am sad to say that there are now only scraps left :(

These are the non-sparkly shots... I actually used a Copic marker that I recently won in a candy to colour the skin, so much easier than trying to mix my pink and yellow chalks! I also used the last 2 of these doilies... :(
If you're still with me thanks so much for dropping by, although it's incredibly uncomfortable to sit at my desk at the moment, I hope to be around a bit over the next 6 weeks...
edit - thanks Christine for the heads-up, am entering - Crafts & Me #68 Pink & Sparkly
edit again - am slowly catching back up to normal crafting.. and am also entering this weeks Simon Says Stamp's - Anything Goes... thanks ♥
Enjoy the rest of your Australia Day


Hanneke said...

Hi Loz, good to see you back again! I hope your appointment will go well and that your blood pressure will stay at a normal level. Those cards for your friend's daughters are great! I get why you want to make two, way more fun and then both girls can have an album of their own with the cards inside. Hope that they can soon go to the hospital that's closer, it does sound a bit weird to me that they had to move. Hugs, Hanneke

Cheryl said...

Hi Loz,
Lovely to hear from you again, I hope the next 6 weeks are good to you, take care and try to rest when you can of course.
Best wishes for your friend and her baby girl twins, what a disgrace our hospital system is in, they should be ashamed of them selves.
The cards you have made for the girls are gorgeous, I love that image it's adorable. It's a real shame you couldn't find a challenge to enter. Like I said Loz , take care.
Hugs Cheryl

Victoria said...

this is a lovely card and a lovely bump

Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Welcome back, Loz, and a belated Happy New Year! Good luck with the baby, hope they can figure out what's going on with your blood pressure.

Your cards are both so beautiful! Good point about making one card for each twin. I took a quick peek, and your card would fit Crafts and Me - #68 pink and sparkly

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh I have missed you Loz and hoped you were OK. Good to know you are still managing a bit of crafting but can see why sitting at rhe desk is difficult. Great baby cards. Take care xxxxxx

Merry said...

So great to see you back....your bump is looking well. :-) I hope they are able to sort the blood pressure problem for you. Unbelievable that those babies have to be sent to another state. I hope they grow healthy and strong quickly so they can be back with their family soon. Beautiful cards you have created for them too.

Buladi said...

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Laura said...

Hi Loz, congratulations (sorry I haven't said that before)! I totally agree with you on the twins cards, especially as my Mum is a twin! The cards are beautiful, I love the pacifier embellishment! Hope everything goes well for you.
Have a lovely weekend!
Laura xx

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Loz
Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuuuu.

I hope you have a wonderful day hunny. Aww your bump looks soooooo cute Loz :) I have never made a card for the arrival of twins but thanks for pointing out about the separate cards hun, I never gave it a thought about them going into baby keepsake books.
Congrats to your friend, she will love your cards Loz they are beautiful. It's awful that the babies are so far away from home that must be so hard for the family.
Anyway you keep cooking that little bubba, it looks like your doing a fabby job, and enjoy your special day
big hugs Mandy xx

Mandy said...

I forgot to say Simon Says Stamp is anything goes so you could enter over there hunny :)

Alicia said...

Hi Loz,
Two absolutely gorgeous cards!! You have done an amazing job with them. I hope the little twin girls are doing okay. Your Copic colouring looks awesome!
Your belly is looking really good! Not long to go now....I am getting excited for you!!
Alicia xx

Autumn said...

So pretty! Glad to see you crafting again! I bet it's getting hard to sit hunched over :) Sometimes those easy going birthdays are the best ones!! Hope you get your BP figured out!xxAutumn

Rica said...

Hi Loz, hope you have had a wonderful Australia day!!!
Gorgeous card Loz, all so adorable and I love each of the design, colours and beautiful images of course. 2 x 2 girls - a couple of boys will be good to balance up the edges lol.
You take care of your and thanks for joining us the Simon Says Stamp challenge
Heather xx

Karen said...

Hi Laura, gosh, your baby bump is getting bigger... you mus be getting excited, and yeah over the heat... yucky!!! Anyway your baby card is so cute, I love your pebbles chalking and your cute papers and Doily!! So gorgeous!! Thanks so much for playing along at Crafts and Me:-)