Saturday, February 11, 2012

LOTV Garden of Wishes

wow, it's humid here now. Doubt the storm clouds will actually reach us, I'm producing enough 'rain' at the moment anyways hehe... sorry that was a bit gross and SWEATY!!! :) Please excuse me, I'm tired, my fingers are a little on the fat side and yes, I'm sweaty :-) there I go again!!!

Okay, serious time. Wanted to share another card, no challenges, and has revamped my LOVE for this BG Paper Pad!
Oh, and reaffirmed my need for Copic markers!! So nice to be able to colour the tiny bits and pieces with the 3 markers that I have... definitely thinking some Baby Bonus money will be spent on some textas!

I have always loved these papers, and the natural/earthy colours.
All right, I'm going to get some nice icy water... enjoy your weekend

btw - I cannot believe the rant on the Magnolia World FB page... Who cares people! Just be glad you're not the one who won :/
or the seller - I could never accept that payment! No matter how many Copics I could buy with it LOL!
I hope you've all got your Special Edition Tilda's ordered for the very reasonable price in the post below - enjoy xx


Cheryl said...

Hi Loz, gorgeous card today, can't believe you coloured her with just three copic's , very well done !!! I hope you can get some more soon, to add to your collection. It is very hot here too, bring on winter , I am ready.
Take care.
Hugs Cheryl

Marianne's Craftroom said...

It's -8 here this morning, much colder than normal and very frosty. Gorgeous card, love this fairy. Stay cool.

Patricia Garcia said...

What a sweet card, Love the image!! Great colors too!!