Thursday, February 9, 2012

"RARE" Magnolia Stamps -

Okay ladies, I wanted to just jump on the bandwagon for the moment and make sure that all my lovely followers are aware of the following 3 things....

Two: As I type this the price is at GBP 117.00 (AUD 171.83)
Three: It's not so 'RARE' now! This stamp... along with other "RARE" Magnolia's is now avaliable from a couple of Magnolia sellers... including this store. (with international postage)

NOTE - the price - 10.50 EUR = 12.91 AUD (+p&h)

Let's be smart crafters... do some research!


Debra James said...

Thanks Loz, been watching these stamps as well on eBay....!!!!!!! Very interesting somewhat....So thanks for the heads up, hope all is well with you- on the downhill run now!!!, take care, x

EELS said...

Cool, noted, thanks Loz.

Kellie said...

Oh I feel for the person with the winning bid :S

Karen said...

I don't understand why they said it was RARE in the first place.... god on Magnolia for releasing them now - hopefully this will stop people ripping off other people!! Good on you for posting about this Laura.. and hope everything is going okay - and that your not too uncomfortable!!

Cheryl said...

Wow Loz , I am just in a state of shock !!! This price is for one stamp. Rare or not NO STAMP is worth that amount of money. People get crazy on ebay sometimes, it's a bit sad really. Thanks for posting this , it's been an eye opener. Hope you are keeping well.
Hugs Cheryl

Merry said...

Interesting info....hope that gets to the right person.

Kylie said...

Good on you Loz :) Did you see the debacle on Magnolia World on FB? OMG talk about knickers in a twist. Glad there are still some sensible chicies out there :)

Hugs K