Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Tilda's and Four DODGY Photographs.. sorry!

Good morning peeps, well to be truthful I am buggered. I stripped our bed and one of the boys (he still has some leakages during the night!) for washing, there's the load of yesterday's clothes and another of towels and swimmers from the pool - Yes, still Summer down here! I need to clean the bathrooms and toilets and vacuum the floors, but I just don't have the energy at the moment. And I have discovered a job for DH when he knocks off work this afternoon... our air-conditioning doesn't smell too pretty so I'm thinking he'll need to get up on the roof and investigate - sometimes it really must suck to be a bloke ;)

EDIT: To make up for the horrible photos of my cards, I'll first share with you a photo of my 2 little blokes who had their first morning of Pre-School Thursday... they loved it (and so did I ;))

Onto my cards, both smaller 10x15cm cards, reasonably simple, I tried to make each of these cards numerous times before deciding I was happy with the final results. They're for my DD's friends, one turning 5 and the other 6. I apologise for the totalCRAP photos, but I can't seem to get up to take some new ones :)

This is the first one..

and a photo to show the sparkle.

The 2nd one...

and a photo to show the sparkle.

I am really getting through my list of cards to make, it's very satisfying. One of these cards is for the beginning of March and the other for April. I need to make a few extra Baby cards in each gender as my sister (who's due 5 days after me) has been having all sorts of imminent labour signs... fingers crossed bubby stays in there just a little bit longer!

Take care ♥


Merry said...

These are such great cards...I really like that tilda swimming towards you. Your boys are too cute. I hope they are having a terrific time at pre-school and you are enjoying a little peace and quiet.

EELS said...

Hi Loz,
Had to chuckle about your list of things to do, you must be very close to dropping your bundle 'cause we all start to do house chores just before. I cleaned the outside windows lol.

These days I'm buggered just walking up the stairs ha ha.
Take care,

Debra James said...

Oh Loz, Your boys are soooo super cute, look at hose little faces- priceless. fab cards , love the colours and design....hope you are managing to get some rest time in,Take care, xxx

Autumn said...

Great job Loz! Look at you, crafting away, almost ready to pop and I can't get anything done. Looks like your boys were super excited about school! Did you get my last email?? Anyway, gald to hear all is well and your getting a little down time.

Cheryl said...

Hi Loz,
Wow your housework list is long, if I lived closer I would come and give you a hand, you even sound exhausted! Try to take it easy. Your boys are adorable and so glad they loved there first day.
Your cards are gorgeous , love the tilda's on both, it's good you can do a bit of crafting to take your mind off other things. I hope all goes well for your sister too.
Big Hugs Cheryl

Craftdee said...

Great cards, hope you're taking it a bit easy... at least a little bit :-) My eldest son is a Feb baby, born in one of Perth's hottest summers, so I know where you're coming from. My youngest is a Nov job... at least I wasn't pregnant through summer (though we didn't get to show off many of his baby clothes, if you don't count singlets, lol) Your little guys look gorgeous, btw, I'm glad they had fun... and that you did too :-) Donna

Alicia said...

Cute cards! I love the photo of your boys. Hope your energy picks up, maybe a little nap might do the trick!
Alicia xx