Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hey friends,

Well I've been missing from blogland and my desk for a few months now, and although I'm enjoying viewing your work again, I've not yet had the inkling to make something myself :)
I'm sure it'll be calling me soon enough, but in the mean time I figure I'll share with you the reason of my absence and what makes my heart beat ♥♥

Miley's now 2 months old, the boys are coming up 4 and Hayley's turned 6. Man, the years just fly past :)


EELS said...

Hiya Loz, nice to hear from you again.

Lovely photo.

Looking forward to seeing some stuff from you whenever the bug re claims you lol.


Debra James said...

Great to see you back Loz. What absolutely gorgeous kids you have, they look so adorable.Enjoy all those precious memories with them they grow up way to quick,x

Mandy said...

Hi Loz,
Aww your kids are gorgeous,they are all going to break some hearts in a few years....I was wondering how you were,so it's lovely to hear from you...Take care and look forward to see some cards etc when you get back in to it....
Mandy x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Aw what a beautiful picture. You must be so proud of them. Look forward to seeing you back blogging as soon as you feel ready. In the meantime I have some candy on offer, so hop over. xx

Craftdee said...

Hi Loz, nice to hear from you. I can see how you've been kept busy! Hope you're keeping well and enjoying those gorgeous kids, Donna ☺