Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally I'm back :)

Wow, the days, weeks and months are just flying past me. There hasn't really been a lot of time for crafting in my household for a while now, we've been on holidays twice, had school holidays, had gastro, and basically been flat out with the day-to-day of life.
First up I have a little photo update of Miley....

this was last week, she's around 5½ months old now, very happy and smiley! She's not enjoying the introduction of solids (baby cereal - farax) and looks at me like I'm an idiot as I wave the spoon in front of her :)
She's rolling everywhere non-stop... the older kids will really have to start packing up when she starts to crawl. Oh, and that won't be too far away.

I did manage a quick card yesterday for DH's Great-Aunt's 80th. We went out for dinner last night with some of his family... such an adventure taking 4 kids out for tea :)
I kept it really simple, haven't had much mojo lately. I did do some colouring yesterday, so hopefully I'll have some more cards to share with you soon.

I have the boys birthday cards which I can share too... they turned 4 at the end of July.... Where did the years go? And how on Earth did we survive twins for that long? Hehe! They fight so much at the moment, I'm sure it's a habit that won't be leaving them anytime in the next 50 years!

Lastly, I just wanted to share a some Santa Bags... they're the final 2. No more babies from me or my siblings so I never have to make another one again!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope to be back shortly with the boys cards and something new, I've just purchased some CC Designs and Mo Manning digis so keep your eyes peeled for them :)

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EELS said...

G'day Loz, welcome back kiddo.
Love the card, very elegant.
I've been busy on the stamping front doing image swap with a WOYWWer...never time to sit and do nothing!
Cheers for now