Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unsubscribing from Blogs

OMG! I'm here for a bit of vent peeps!

For months I've been trying to Manage my reading List and unsubscribe from some older blogs. Like recently the now de-funct Tickled Pink Stamps blog, has been started up by some "Stamping Challenges" - it has nothing to do with what I do! And I want to stop following it - but because there's no followers widget on that blog - I cannot!!

And the gear icon on the dashboard - it hasn't been working for like.... ever!! To say I am displeased with blogger is a massive understatement! Their forums are full of people asking the exact same question - why doesn't the gear icon work and how the hell can I stop following blogs!!!!????!!!!?

Urgh, bring back the old interface- it was so much easier!!

Okay, vent done - for now :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a card that seems to have taken me ages to get done!!


Only By His Grace said...

Oh Loz, I thought I was the only one unhappy with blogger.
I just get used to things and they change. I HATE it. I have no idea where everything is.
Hugs Maz

EELS said...

I fully sympathise mate, occasionally in my Reading List I see blogs that I have 'stopped following' and some appear only intermittently, sometimes I have to refresh the page umpteen times to view 'em...bloody annoying and frustrating. Lemme know if you get a solution yeah?

Linda said...

Hi my English is not so good so I hope you understand. The gear icon does work fine with me and so I can stop following blogs if I want to, I am using Google Chrome as browser, when I use internet explorer it's a hell to blog and some functions doesn't work then.
hugs Linda

Crafty Chris said...

I know what u mean there used to be manage blogs but I cant find it now.
Chris x

Frea said...

Hi Loz, I totally agree! You just can't manage your blog properly, and I really wish they would do something about it! Grrrrrr!!! Hugs Frea

Annette said...

I've been having the same problem. I read most of my subscriptions in Google reader, and you can hover over the subscription and a little arrow appears which is a dropdown list. From that list is an 'unsubscribe' option. You would imagine that this option "does what it says on the tin"! You'd be wrong. It will remove it from the list, but sneak it back in a couple of days later (not necessarily the next day, so that you mistakenly think you've sussed it out this time). I've also been into the 'cogs' options, 'Reader Settings', and 'Subscriptions' and done the same thing. Each time I'm asked to confirm my choice to unsubscribe, which I do. Then it is sneaked back in a couple of days later again. CRAZY !!!! LOL

Ok, rant over. Phew.