Monday, November 26, 2012

Nail Stamping - My 1st Attempt

Please be kind :)

Hey guys, well my latest obsession is not that different to my existing obsession, it just uses a different kind of ink and stamp. I have long been 'into' painting my nails, I used to do multi colours and patterns when I was younger, but then stopped. I guess looking back it was because where I worked didn't allow nail polish. But I'm right back into it again. I love all the amazing colours and the glitters are so pretty - if only I could find a way for them not to ruin my nails when removing them!!! And the stickers, and gems and the STAMPING...

I purchased my first stamping kit, a cheapo one from eBay called 'Salon Express'. It comes with 5 stamping plates, a plate holder, the double ended stamper and a metal scraper.
I didn't use the plate holder - just sat the plate on some paper towel instead. Nor did I use the metal scraper- following some research it was recommended to use an old plastic gift card, which I did.
I don't have a huge amount of polishes, ZERO stamping polishes but I think most of my thick solid coloured polishes will work really well.

Like any stamping, practise makes perfect. This was my
 No lie, so like I said, be kind :)

And apologies for the revolting fingers!!! Eeek, didn't realised my rushed cleanup and dry hands would be so obvious! Note to self - photographs show up everything LOL.

Base coat is Loreal Jet-Set 'Frolic Perle' & stamping was done with BYS Matte Black - I recently purchased this black from K-Mart for $3 - Bargain! And it appears to be really good for stamping :)
One of the plates in the set is for full nails (SE22) - but I found the images far too small for my nails - which are not very big/long.... thus the areas of no-stamping! I also attempted to add another bit of stamping to the middle nail, but didn't line it up too well at all! Oopsies :)

Despite the disgusting photograph (lol) and the uneven checkers.. I'm stoked with the results and look out DH - I got some more shopping to do :D


EELS said...

Hiya Loz,
Well it's great that we're all different 'cause there's no way this would look good on mine fingernails lol apart from the fact that I would find it all a bit too fiddly BUT you seem to have done quite a good job - well done you.
Elaine aaaaand,
any time you're heading to Qld you can definitely come for a looksie at my craftroom.

Merry said...

I have never heard of this before I don't paint my nails. However, I am sure my daughter would be interested so maybe a great Christmas present idea. Thanks for sharing.

Bea said...

absolutely fab - I need to try this over the xmas hols

Asia asiscrapki said...

Niesamowite wzory... jeśli mogę ładniej prezentuje się manicure, kiedy jest wycięta skórka wokół paznokcia