Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why O Why did I ever complain about the Winter Cold??

Right here, right now.. I wish I was doing this....

I hope my fellow Aussies are keeping cool and staying out of our deadly sun. I want to craft, but it's like 500 million degrees and I'm sticking to all my papers lol. 
Will try and have something to share with you all real soon x


Chrissy said...

OH!! Bless him..it is too hot here in NZ for my dog too...but not hot enough for him to do that...so adorable..


Elaine said...

I think all anybody wants is a happy medium! Being too hot is very uncomfortable...not that I ever complain about being too hot! Here it's wet, windy, dreary and flippin' cold! But at least I can wrap up like an eskimo!
Hope you get a break from the heat soon!
big hugs
Elaine xx